Scientific Committee

  • Marco Ceccarelli (Italy), Chair
  • Mario Acevedo (Mexico)
  • Jorge Ambrosio (Portugal)
  • Alberto Cardona (Argentina)
  • Javier Cuadrado (Spain)
  • Pietro Fanghella (Italy)
  • Mario Fernandez Fernandez (Chile)
  • Osvaldo Hugo Penisi (Argentina)
  • Manfred Husty (Austria)
  • Tatu Leinonen (Finland)
  • Vicente Mata Amela (Spain)
  • Joao Carlos Mendes Carvalho (Brazil)
  • Carlos Munares Tapia (PerĂº)
  • Honorary Members:
    Manfred Hiller (Germany)
Organized by SUNEO and IPN under the auspices by IFToMM, Technical Committees for Multibody Dynamics, and Robotics and Mechatronics and FeIBIM, Commission for Mechatronics